Set III. Tissue-specific small RNA data for rhesus macaques


Tissue-specific small RNA libraries were created and sequenced for Indian-origin rhesus macaque.

Reads were aligned to databases for human, rhesus macaque, and pigtail macaque on miRBase. Across fifteen tissues, 421 of the 619 annotated miRNA sequences in the database for rhesus macaque were found within the data (with 406 of 1881 human and 6 of 74 pigtail miRNAs also identified).

The above figure is a heat map showing the different expression levels of the identified miRNA sequences across all tissues.

We have also included output from Qiagen's CLCbio for these samples. CLCbio compares the reads to the miRBase small RNA databases and includes databases for rhesus macaque, human, and pigtail macaque. This information can be found here.

This sequence data can also accessed from SRA.