Additional NHP RNA-seq Resources


This page is intended to promote the use of NHP RNA-seq data. In particular, it focuses on: 1) the use of NHPRTR data by the community; 2) NHP RNA-seq data released by the NIAID NHP Functional Genomics Core (

Community usage of NHPRTR data

We love to know how you use NHPRTR data and your feedbacks. Please send us the results (alignments, transcripts, annotations, publications, etc.) from using NHPRTR datasets. We will share them with the community here.

  • July 2014: Ensembl team aligned baboon tissue-specific RNA-seq reads to annotate the newly sequenced baboon genome. These bam files are available here. An overview of Ensembl RNA-seq pipleline is available here.

RNA-seq data from NIAID NHP Functional Genomics Core

An important usage of macaques is to study HIV/AIDS. Here we provide a centralized pointer to macaque RNA-seq datasets released by the NHP Functional Genomics Core established by NIAID (

  • September 2014: a mRNA-seq dataset of macaque rectal samples from multiple individuals, baseline and SIV infected ones, is available from NCBI GEO (GSE56845). Please see Barrenas et al, 2014 for more details.