Additional NHP RNA-seq Resources


This page has links to additional data sets and other resources that may be of interest to the NHP research community. In general, these resources have been generated by the NIAID NHP Functional Genomics Core (Michael Gale, Jr., PI), the WaNPRC Division of NHP Systems Biology (D. Fuller and M. Gale, Jr., PIs) and the Peng laboratory (Xinxia Peng, PI).

  • February 2015: mRNA sequencing was used to analyze peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from cynomolgus macaques after VSVΔG/EBOVgp immunization and subsequent EBOV challenge. This data set is described in Barrenas et al., 2015 and is available from NCBI GEO (GSE64538)
  • September 2014: a mRNA-seq dataset of macaque rectal samples from multiple individuals, baseline and SIV infected ones, is available from NCBI GEO (GSE56845). Please see Barrenas et al, 2014 for more details.