Phase I. RNAseq analysis of tissue pools for individual NHP species

Data for RNA-seq on the pooled RNA samples, (one RNA pool per species, generated with RNA from multiple tissues shown on the Status page), was described in:

Pipes, L., S. Li, M. Bozinoski, R. Palermo, X. Peng, P. Blood, S. Kelly, J. M. Weiss, J. Thierry-Mieg, D. Thierry-Mieg, P. Zumbo, R. Chen, G. P. Schroth, C. E. Mason, and M. G. Katze. 2013. The non-human primate reference transcriptome resource (NHPRTR) for comparative functional genomics. Nucleic Acids Res 41:D906-D914.

Easy access to these data is provided from the repository maintained by the Mason Laboratory at Cornell University. Click HERE to be directed to the Cornell repository.


For publications that utilize the data, we request that the resource be acknowledged as "the Nonhuman Primate Reference Transcriptome Resource (" and cite the publication above.