Immune Cell RNAseq


Comparative analysis of NHP/Human reference immune cell subset transcriptomes

Understanding gene expression phenotypes of immune cell subsets is critical to identify key cell types that define correlates of immune protection and/or contribute to pathophysiological disease states. NHPs are widely utilized as a human experimental model to study mechanisms of disease (infectious, metabolic), to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutics, and to characterize autoimmune/pulmonary disorders. In collaboration with Guido Silvestri, the Yerkes National Primate Center, and the University of Pittsburg Primate Research Laboratory we are generating RNA transcriptomes of 8 NHP and human immune cell subsets to serve as a reference for the NHP biomedical community.

Immune cell subsets (B cells, Monocytes, NK cells, total CD4+ T cells, naïve CD4+ T cells, CD4+ central memory T cells, CD4+ effector memory T cells, and CD8+ T cells) from rhesus macaque, African green monkey, sooty mangabey, and human peripheral blood mononuclear cells will be sorted for RNA-seq analysis. These datasets will serve as an invaluable resource to NHP researchers by providing comprehensive reference transcriptomes for species and immune cell type dependent gene expression phenotypes.

For more information, please contact Debra Fuller (fullerdh [at], Guido Silvestri (gsilves [at], Steve Bosinger (steven.bosinger [at]